With an area of 5.5 square kilometers and a population of roughly 260,000 people, Manshiyat Nasser is a predominantly christian suburb bordering Nasr City and central Cairo. Famous for its Garbage City quarter at the base of Mokattam’s hills, it has Cairo’s largest concentration of garbage collectors and processors. The neighborhood’s economy is largely dependent on the collection and recycling of Cairo’s garbage, with the community acquiring global recognition from UN Habitat and other organizations for its ability to recycle a high percentage of the solid waste it collects. As a result, the neighborhood has a lot of potential to become a highly functional and sustainable district within the city of Cairo. This inspired Die Stadt to get involved in various projects in the area as a means of giving back to the community and contributing to a positive long-term change.

The Manshiyat Nasser project involves the construction of an educational complex that consists of a high school, an industrial high school, a nursing institute, nunneries, workshop spaces, and social services. Die Stadt’s role is to provide the contractors of the project with Urban Planning and Landscape services to help turn the vision into a reality. The hope is that by providing this innovative neighborhood with a stronger education, and with a clean, usable space for their children and their community, they can begin to elevate their living conditions all together and continue creating innovative solutions for the problems faced by their locale to transform the district as a whole into a fully self-sufficient neighborhood contributing significantly to the informal sector of Egypt’s economy.